Freefall adventure

Breathtaking fall and a soft landing. That is - in short - the best possible description for our new POWERFAN® attraction at Abenteuer im Wald. Experience free fall like never before: without parachute or bungee rope! Our trained instructors will explain everything before you and your POWERFAN® take a plunge from a dizzying height of 12.5 meters.

But don't worry: you'll experience a quick fall, which is then compensated by POWERFAN® to let you land softly and safely on your own two feet. POWERFAN® is a highly sophisticated and TÜV certified piece of equipment. And since it doesn't require any fuel, it is also environmentally friendly! The fan utilises the momentum of your fall, and guarantees a soft landing - every time. By the way: you'll find the POWERFAN® only in a select few facilities in Germany.

Have you got what it takes? Come and visit us in Kenzingen and give our 'Freefall' a try!

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