Team Building

The team building area contains various elements of different heights as well as a number of ground elements.

The whole is more than the sum of its parts

But what HAPPENS there is actually far more important than what IS there: at the heart of the team activities is the group; its dynamic, the cohesion within it, its potential. What is the individual capable of - and what can we achieve together?

Our professional trainers teach management and personality training, provide support for seminars, and turn a school trip into experiential education. For all who are adventurous, for 10 people or more.

The forest is not enough ...

Are you a group of between 20 and 40 people? Are you seeking new challenges? Ideally for a whole day? Then come with us to Lake Nachtallmend; compete with your team for points, then buy building materials and build a raft - one that will float!

You'll then put on lifejackets and sail it across the lake. Action is expected at the subsequent paddling contest on the swimming lake. Who has built the fastest raft?

And should the weather put an end to this particular adventure, then our Adventure hike to the "Grusliloch" - the bear's den - is the perfect alternative.

Adventure hike

Work together as a group to solve the tricky tasks on our adventure hike. Follow the mysterious clues to find the trail - and hunt for treasure in the Forlen forest!

As you do so, you'll discover the secret of the "Grusliloch" bear's den.

You can enjoy this group adventure for 10 - 40 people for a whole day. Incidentally, this "Voyage of discovery" is the perfect alternative if the proposed Raft-building exercise and subsequent "lake voyage" should have to be cancelled due to inclement weather.

Robin Hood and his merry men (and women) at Kenzingen Forest.

You'll be sneaking through the lush Kenzingen Forest armed with bow and arrows. But what was once alarming for both the king's wildlife and the Sheriff of Nottingham' evil henchmen, today simply means fun, excitement and adventure for team-building exercises. 
Once you have received safety instructions from our trained instructors, you'll be ready to start your adventure. Concentration, proper breathing and a little practice is all you'll need to hit the target.

We can offer a variety of targets depending on occasion, motivation or goal of the exercise. This activity has potential for numerous variations: 'One on One', as a team, or without any pressure to score points, simply because it's fun!

We'll be glad to organise your very own perfect archery event in advance. You'll definitely hit the 'bulls eye' with this kind of team event. Robin says "Hello"!

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